Friday, July 30, 2010

Skinny Dance!

Thank you all for your wonderful comments I feel so much love for everyone awwwwwwww huggles and nose-rubs and cuteness gawwwwww. *ahem cute attack is over* And so, I wish to continue that love by sharing my Great Happiness of the Day!! Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts and return your seat backs and tray tables to their upright position, because you are about to begin your ascent into the magical land of Rose’s Weight Loss!!

Yes, you heard me. I, humble Rose, the girl who lives under the cruel and deceptively caring tyranny of “Parental Support for ED Recovery,” managed to lose 10 pounds in the last 1.5 months. *shock* I was 125.2 after breakfast. How? Why? Where did it go? Because I still feel like the same fatty that waddled her way out of treatment.

But, just to see if perhaps the scale was smoking the crack pipe today, I tried on The Jeans. Well, they are not the Rose is Officially Skinny Jeans, and they are still far from the Stick Thin Corduroys (oh, you size 25 beauties, how I love thy non-stretchy, high-waisted, mercilessly clinging splendor). No, those two friends are safely tucked away until a time when I am worthy to deck my Officially Skinny legs with their splendor. But The Jeans, well, The Jeans are the first milestone. Fitting into The Jeans means that I am officially back to what was normal for me before I lost boatloads of weight. (Well, I’m still on the higher end of that range…so I’m still a fatty, but you know, a thinner fatty.) Does happy skinny dance!!

(Oh, speaking of dancing, did you know that an hour of general dancing burns about 200 calories? Which means that last night when I danced my heart away for 3 hours at my fav clubby, I burned 600 calories?!?!?! Say WHAT? I am SO getting my groove on more often. SF night scene better watch out, this rosebud is blooming in bright colors and lace!!)

So, that little aside actually leads me to another issue, namely why Rose is a horrible person that can’t keep her pants from jumping around all over the fucking city. But I am really too happy right now to go into sad and thoughtful topics (womp womp), so Pants Story shall have to wait. Knowing my Pants, though, they will totally gallop all over that and post without my consent the cheeky buggers!! Anywho, love love from la la land and I hope your days are going tre fab!!



  1. congrats on the jeans! we all have "that pair" of pants that means we are gaining/losing weight. got horrifically sick after my 20th birthday celebration and woke up this morning looking skinny but thinking "that was so not worth it." glad all is well; enjoyed your writing per usual.

  2. You're writing is amazing! Great job on fitting in The Jeans- that's awesome! I have a few pair that used to fit & am looking forward into fitting into again-soon!.

    This post inspires me to go out & buy a pair of jeans that are like 5 sizes to small- that way I know I've lost weight when I can squeeze into them...and I'll officially name them "The Jeans" =)

  3. Awww the feeling of fitting into those jeans. Yummy. Better than any cookie or cake.
    What you soar, little sparrow, my little beauty.

    LOVE x

  4. Great job on the loss and the strength it took to get that loss! You're doing awesome--and making me smile on top of that. Bravo! I love you.

  5. Congrats! Thats awesome!I hope I can lose 15lbs. in 2weeks for school! And by the way we all have that pair of pants that means if we're either getting fatter or thinner!Anyway great job!Love ya!

  6. Congrats on being able to lose that while being watched! Your sneakiness must be very good!

    and hey, the jeans are the first step!

  7. Yay! Losing weight while parents are watching is hard >.<